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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is the method and art in which a hacker or vulnerability tester find an attacker’s activity from a computer and another system and make a particular list of attacks and vulnerabilities. Penetration Tester should found the attacks, vulnerabilities then this person stopped and create the security fields, and rescue to a system from all vulnerabilities this process is...

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Who is a Hacker? | What is a Hacker? | Types of Hackers

Means of “Hacker”, “A Person who is Master-Mind in the all major Programming languages of Computer, Hardware, and Networking and their Intentions either be Gain Information as much as Possible With the Ability to Create and Explore. They can Do Illegal Things”. Like that:- Hacking Websites and Applications. Stealing Information and Database from Security. Stealing Passwords who can be every...

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What is Ethical Hacking?

“Ethical Hacking” means “Authorized Hacking”. In Addition, Which person does the Hacking by follows the rules of ethical Hacking as well as Use in the Good way that is Called Ethical Hacking” for Example Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester and Cyber Crime Investigator. Do you have any question? please mention it in your comment below at this post/page. Thank you. @thekingstarpost

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What is Hacking? Hacking Means

Hacking describes as “Accessing a computer system, digital device, finding information and details without the permission of the owner are called hacking”. In addition, Unauthorized Access. Types of Hacking: Physical Hardware Keylogger RFID Skimmers Bluetooth Etc. Virtual Installing Spyware Backdoors Trojans Intrusions into Computer Etc.   Do you have any question? please mention it in your comment below at this...