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Will the government give Karnataka a separate flag?

After Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka has become the first state in the country which has sought permission from the Central Government to adopt its own flag. Karnataka assembly elections are going to be held soon and the Election Commission can announce the program of elections in the next one-and-a-half months.   In such a situation, the issue of raising this...

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North Korea is giving the training to forget the memory

After returning from South Korea after North Korea’s Winter Olympics, North Korea is trying to forget the management of cheerleaders of their country. It is being told that the North Korean cheerleaders who have recently participated in the Winter Olympics held in Pyongchang, are being taught again to return to their country after forgetting their memories. Media of South Korea...

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Pakistan, again in the list of pro-terrorist countries Banking transactions will be closed from other countries

Pakistan has again been included in the list of countries that help the terrorist countries. According to reports, the Pakistani government has given this information on its own. After this action, banking transactions from other countries will end, which will affect its economy. This grey-list of Force Terror Action Financing Watchlist (FATF) will be released in June. Explain that FATF... 0

Justin Trudeau imposes ‘charge’ on Indian government

A controversy seen during the Indian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India is in the headlines after his return. What Trudeau said in the Canadian Parliament can cause sourness in the relations between the two countries. Justin Trudeau has acknowledged in the Canadian Parliament that during his visit, former Sikh separatist Jaspal Atwal was able to be in India... 0

Russia launches nuclear missile anywhere in the world: Putin

  Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia has prepared a nuclear missile that can kill anywhere in the entire world and can distinguish every goal. According to critics, this statement by the President of Russia is being considered as an answer to a statement by US President Donald Trump’s military strength. The US had only said last month...