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Commonwealth Games: Introduction, History and Medal Table 2018

Introduction and History: Common Wealth Games are international multi-sports events that are featured by the athletes from Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth of Nations is an intergovernmental organization that involves 53-member states. Such member involves Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore and others. Apart from these 53 members, 4 home nations of the United Kingdom such as Scotland, Wales, England... 0

Introduction-Types-Medal list of Olympics

Introduction: Olympic is an international event of sports, that holds various competitions on a large scale. Thousands of athletes from all over the world take part in the Olympics Games’ competitions, which are organized in different cities of various countries. Besides, more than two hundred nations participate in the Olympics Games. The Olympic is organized in every four years by...


Business: Introduction and Analysis, PESTEL and SWOT

Introduction to Business: Business is an enterprise of making money through manufacturing and selling goods or services. In order to do business, it is not necessary to have a company or corporation or any other organization, but a person can also earn money by his small earning activities like auto Dealing, Blogging, Personal Assistance, Wedding Planning and others. Such type... 0

Top 10 Universities in the World and in India

Top 10 Universities in the World: – Presently, there are more than 10,000 universities all over the world. Students choose the university according to their desired courses and the grads they got in their previous courses. The list of world’s top five universities is as follows: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): It is a technical and research university, located in... 0

Technology Boom: A Blessing or Curse

What is Technology:  Human skills and techniques are collectively known as Technology. It is basically an application which is used to perform a task by reducing human effort. The term Technology came into practice in the 20th century, before that, it was known as “Arts”. In 1937, an American sociologist Read Bain introduced Technology as a combined form of tools,... 0

Motivation – Definition, Meaning and Types

What is Motivation: According to Kreitner, “Motivation is a psychological process that gives behavior, purpose and direction”. Similarly, Different people define Motivation in their different ways. According to me, Motivation is a powerful emotion that encourages us to achieve our desired goals. Types of Motivation: A human being can be motivated by extrinsic motivation or intrinsic motivation. The extrinsic motivation...

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Artificial Intelligence – Definition, Meaning, Types, Future Scope and Risk

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: – Nowadays, one of the most popular technologies in IT industry is “Artificial Intelligence”. It was invented in 1955 by John McCarthy, he was further recognized as the father of AI (Artificial Intelligence). As the name “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” suggests that it is a technique which provides intelligence to artificial (machine). Now let’s elaborate what AI...

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Women Empowerment In India – Definition, Meaning and Essay

Introduction to Women Empowerment: – Women hold a prominent position in our society and also plays a vital role in the development of a country. Women empowerment means to encourage and empower women to improve their lives. According to an estimation, women hold almost 50% of the worldwide population. Therefore, Empowering women generates positive results to the society. It also...

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Why Google is The Best Search Engine – A Brief Research on Google

About Google – Introduction: In today’s world, Google has become a part of our daily life, for any information, we usually prefer to ask from Google. Google was first created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in January 1996, as a research project during their PhD degree. This project was later registered as Google on 15 September 1997 and the... 0

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is the method and art in which a hacker or vulnerability tester find an attacker’s activity from a computer and another system and make a particular list of attacks and vulnerabilities. Penetration Tester should found the attacks, vulnerabilities then this person stopped and create the security fields, and rescue to a system from all vulnerabilities this process is...