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Download XAMPP 7.2.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Download XAMPP 7.2.0 for Windows Operating System: –   Download XAMPP 7.2.0 for Linux Operating System: –   Download XAMPP 7.2.0 for Mac OS X Operating System: –   If you are facing any issue to download the software, so please mention it in your comment below at this post/page. Thank you @thekingstarpost

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XAMPP Error | Problem detected! | Port 443 in use by “vmware-hostd.exe”! | Port 443 in use by “vmware-hostd.exe”!

XAMPP is a lightweight and completely free open source platform. It is the most popular PHP development package which was developed by Apache Friends. It is easy to install Apache distribution for Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OSX containing, MariaDB, Perl, PHP, phpMyAdmin and an FTP server. XAMPP can work on Linux, windows, and mac equally, therefore it is also...